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Shin Splints Explained

Shin splints were the most requested topic to cover from our Instagram poll recently. I’m not surprised! They account for up to 17% of all running injuries and can take 12 months to recover from...definitely worthy of some exploring!

I felt a video was the best way to delve into the detail of shin splints. The following key points are covered;

1) What does shin splints actually mean and what’s happening in the body when we feel pain on the inside of our shin?

2) How are shin splints diagnosed? Is medial tibial stress syndrome a better diagnosis.

3) What can be done to help?

I would be more than happy to discuss any aspects of this video further, please get in touch!

Thanks for watching,


Key references;

Winters (2020) “The diagnosis and management of medial tibial stress syndrome:An evidence update”

Warden et al (2014) “Management and prevention of bone stress injuries in long distance runners”

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