Conditions Commonly Treated 

Patrick is experienced in managing a broad range of musculoskeletal conditions. If you would like to learn about Patrick's experience of managing your specific problem please get in touch. The list below outlines some of the more common issues Patrick encounters.    

Back pain - sciatica, muscle stiffness, arthritis, mechanical back pain. 

Neck pain - muscle soreness, joint pain, restricted movement, whiplash, "trapped nerves".  

Shoulder pain - instability, rotator cuff related shoulder pain, frozen shoulder, biceps tendinopathy, osteoarthritis.  

Knee pain - kneecap pain, ligament sprains, meniscal injuries, patella / quads tendinopathy, post op rehab, osteoarthritis. 

Hip pain - Gluteal tendinopathy, greater trochanteric pain syndrome, groin / adductor pain, pubic related groin pain, femoroacetabular  impingement, hip dysplasia, hip joint arthritis. 


Ankle pain - Ligament sprains, posterior tibial tendon dysfunction, chronic ankle instability, post ankle fracture rehab, ankle impingement. 

Elbow pain - Tennis elbow, golfer's elbow, cubital tunnel syndrome, osteoarthritis. 

Sports Injuries - Biomechanical overload injuries, tendinopathies, muscle strains / tears, bone stress responses, load management errors, post operative rehabilitation.   



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