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Physiotherapy Services

Any assessment undertaken or treatment provided will be underpinned by sound scientific evidence

Assessment / Discussion

Closely listening to your problems is the key to a good physiotherapy assessment. You will have the chance to discuss what has been going on and you will be asked questions to further tease out useful information.

Assessment / Physical Examination

After our discussion different diagnoses will already be suspected. Physical tests will help to check nerve function, joint range of movement, muscle strength, tendon capacity and soft tissue quality. The physical examination will be tailored to your symptoms to reach an accurate diagnosis.

Explaining your Diagnosis 

You will be provided with a diagnosis and this will be explained to you in language you understand. This is essential to moving towards successful treatment. Once this is established the different types of treatments that can help will be discussed. A treatment plan you understand the reason for will then be agreed upon.


Your treatment will depend on your diagnosis and what your goals are. Typical treatment sessions can include advice and education about how to modify your current activities, manual therapy and exercise. It is usually a combination of things that helps you achieve the best results.

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