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Podcast - Be Ready Training

I was delighted to be a guest on the "Be Ready Training Podcast". I'd like to use this blog to outline key topics we covered and highlight some of the resources and research mentioned.

The host is Billy O'Regan who is a Cork based strength and conditioning coach. Billy has an MSc in Strength and Conditioning from Limerick Institute of Technology and has worked at a collegiate level in the United States. The objective of Billy's podcast is to "explore what drives top performers and what keeps them focused throughout their careers".

Billy has previously interviewed my brother and has referred rugby players to me for end stage rehabilitation and return to play work. Having this background with Billy helped ease into quite a wide ranging discussion. Key topics covered are time stamped here;

1) Q-Adapting to covid: 1min 10sec.

2) Q-Topics looked into during lockdown: 5min 02sec - Books mentioned "Atomic Habits" by James Clear and "Never Split the Difference" by Chris Voss.

3) Q- Increased number of calf/soleus injuries - is it spike in load, mobility or running technique?: 10min 28sec.

4) Q- How important is belief in a programme or physio approach for the patient and what difficulties do online consultations pose for this? :12min 07 sec.

5) Q- Transition from sport science and strength and conditioning towards physiotherapy - what stoked the change?: 15min 45sec

6) Q-Overcoming challenges while working in Melbourne and how did this help in your development?: 21min 09sec

7) Q- Differing business models, can you block book for 12 sessions and charge a certain fee?: 25min 23sec

8) Q- Can the classroom prepare you to be a physio and what should you be expecting when you go into your physio?: 29min 05sec

9) Degenerative meniscal tears and emerging evidence: 35min - link to study here.

10) Q - What issues do you see with return to play in your daily role? 39min 55sec

11) Q - Is stretching worthwhile?: 44min 25sec

12) Q - Advice for players coming back after a long lay off?: 49min 25 sec.

13) Q - What kind of recovery tips do you recommend?: 53min 38sec

I will be developing some of these answers by writing short posts and delivering them via social media or further blogs. Stay tuned!

Podcast link below

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