Helping you to Move More!

We all know that being physically active is incredibly important for our health. Research proves benefits for our cardiovascular health, brain function, muscle and joint health and even reducing the risk of cancers.

Barriers to being more active

Despite knowing this over half of Irish adults do not meet basic recommended guidelines for being active. The reasons for this can be complex and there is no easy "one size fits all" solution to solve the issue. Of the many reasons that limit people's activity there a few that physiotherapy is very well placed to help with, for example, experiencing pain that you worry about, can stop you from moving. Getting on top of these problems is a huge step in becoming more active.

Lack of time is the most commonly reported reason for not being more active. This is usually due to looking after a family or work pressures. Physiotherapists are skilled in reviewing your normal daily routines and identifying where changes could be made to increase your activity levels. These can be small changes which provide big benefits over time. Help planning your physical activity can massively increase the likelihood of it being carried out!

Strategies to help

Being unsure of what kind of activity or exercise to actually do is another common barrier. There are very straightforward options like walking (which is great!) but many people lack the knowledge or confidence to engage in resistance training. This type of activity is quick to do, easily done at home and doesn't require expensive equipment.

Resistance training involves challenging your muscles more than you usually would and helps improve muscle strength. This is very important because as we get older our muscles actually get smaller and believe it or not this starts as early as our thirties. This has massive implications as we age and staying mobile becomes essential. By far the best way to combat this loss of muscle is to make sure you are using the muscles in the right way! This type of exercise is a like a secret weapon in becoming more active. Understanding more about it and having a plan to practice it is extremely valuable.

I take pride in trying to understand the challenges in people's lives and this is reflected by working closely with people to create a personalised plan to suit their lifestyle.

How does the "Move More" package work?

1) You will have an initial consultation either through a phone call or video call where we will discuss any physical limitations to being more active, your current activity levels and any other current barriers to being more active. This will also be a a chance to discuss what types of exercise you like.

2) A face to face session will allow us to do any physical examination we need and to practice any new exercises we think will work in your routine. We will also make a clear plan of the other ways we can help increase your activity levels.

3) A review session after 2 to 3 weeks will be arranged to monitor how you have done with your new plan. This serves as a target to aim for and we can also change anything we need to at this point.

If you are ready to get started you book online by choosing the "Move More!" option here.

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